10 Best Exercise Bikes For An Obese Person 2023 – Starting Point for Losing Weight

Losing weight is considerably tricky. It’s hard getting started for a lot of reasons. Firstly, your body may not be used to so much exercise and may find it difficult to keep up. The soreness and fatigue make it harder to continue working out. It’s also harder for your body to perform in extreme workouts because of the weight.

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YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Exercise Bike for Home Gym with Comfortable Seat Cushion,...
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YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Exercise Bike for Home Gym with Comfortable Seat Cushion,...
GOFLYSHINE Exercise Bikes Stationary,Exercise Bike for Home Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Cardio...
Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Adjustable Resistance and Transport Wheels NS-716R, 11.00 x 22.00...
Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Our Pick
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Exercise Bike for Home Gym with Comfortable Seat Cushion,...
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Exercise Bike for Home Gym with Comfortable Seat Cushion,...
Amazon Prime
Good Price
GOFLYSHINE Exercise Bikes Stationary,Exercise Bike for Home Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Cardio...
GOFLYSHINE Exercise Bikes Stationary,Exercise Bike for Home Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Cardio...
Good Choice
Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Adjustable Resistance and Transport Wheels NS-716R, 11.00 x 22.00...
Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Adjustable Resistance and Transport Wheels NS-716R, 11.00 x 22.00...
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Amazon's Choice
Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser
Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser
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Another problem is that a lot of people who are overweight feel conscious about exercising in public. That’s why we bring to you the ideal solution: Exercise Bikes. You can use these at home in your own private space without feeling conscious, and they provide a really great starting point for losing weight. Here we’ll show you a few of the best exercise bikes for an obese person that you can consider.

Top Exercise Bikes For An Obese Person for 2023

1. Yosuda Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

Yosuda Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

The first on the list is this amazing exercise bike which is magnetic resistant. It will be your perfect workout buddy. It’s great for aerobic workouts that you need for burning calories. This is a great option when trying to work out your lower body, including hips, legs, calves, and buttocks. It burns four times more calories than walking or running without putting any stress on joints and protects you from injuries.

Like every exercise bike, working out has physical and mental benefits. It can improve memory, improve mood, and increase efficient cognitive functioning. You also benefit from stronger immunity and better sleep with improved blood sugar levels.

A person between 27-37 inches of height can easily operate this particular bike. The company has been around for 20 years now, bringing smiles to its customers. This indoor bike will burn out all your calories easily while giving you that extra push.


  • The advanced technology employed in this bike cancels out any noise and gives you strong magnetic-resistant properties.
  • The bike is made of commercial steel pipe, making it sturdy and a strong fit for you. It is the perfect addition to a long-term workout routine.
  • The handlebar and the seat on this bike can be adjusted to up to four different settings according to your alignment and comfort.
  • The digital screen attached to the bike gives you all the necessary information regarding your workout like time, distance, calories burnt, RPM, and an odometer.

2. Goflyshine Exercise Bike

Goflyshine Exercise Bike

Next, we have this super awesome Goflyshine exercise bike that will help you with your daily exercises. It is very stressful if you can’t burn enough calories as it may lead to many diseases that can cause mental and physical distress.

So it is pertinent to work out before the situation gets worse. Goflyshine bikes care for your needs and give you a smooth exercising experience. So say goodbye to dreading exercise time with this amazing bike.

This bike can be the perfect new addition to your home gym. Its dimensions are 39.37 x 21.26 x 46.06 inches in length, breadth, and height, respectively, and it can fit easily into any room. There is no question that this exercise bike will satisfy you to the fullest without our regular workouts.

The frame of the bike is made out of heavy-duty steel, which makes sure the product is durable and reliable without many safety concerns. This will also provide you with much-needed stability while riding.


  • The bike has handlebars that are perfectly adjustable according to your comfort and exercising needs. It also has arm and elbow rests that are of immense help. It can be adjusted from 41.54 inches to up to 46.06inches.
  • The seat of the bike is also adjustable to provide you with the proper lumbar support for your lower body. This is adjustable from 34.51inches to up to 39.17inches.
  • There is an LCD monitor on the bike that quite literally monitors your workout data starting from time, distance, calories burnt, etc., to keep you informed.
  • Their customer service is one of the best out there, so if there is any problem related to the bike’s manufacturing defects, you can easily contact them.

3. Fisup Exercise Bike

Fisup Exercise Bike

The importance of an exercise bike cannot be simply measured solely in terms of your workout routine. Yes, it does burn calories and lowers the risk of heart diseases and such. But, that’s not all. Exercising can give a great boost to your mental prowess by developing your memory power and the functioning of your brain as well.

This is all possible with this exercising bike from Fisup that we have for you here. With a friction-resistant mechanism, you are good to go on this exercise bike without much hassle. Made out of thickened steel, this bike gives you the stability that you need while exercising.

This bike operates on a belt drive system. The most amazing thing about this bike is that it comes with a lifetime warranty for all of its accessory parts. On the other hand, you have up to one year of warranty for the main parts. Isn’t it amazing?


  • It has a triangle frame and a flywheel of 28 lbs. It can handle up to 440 pounds of weight.
  • There is an emergency brake stop and a handlebar that s adjustable for your safety concerns.
  • Like the other bikes, this one also comes with an LCD monitor that displays all the necessary details like time, distance, and calories burnt, among others.
  • It doesn’t produce much sound, so you can carry on without any disturbance.


4. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Now, this one is a solid crowd-pleaser for all the right reasons. Perfect for your lower body workout, this bike comes with easily transportable resistance along with transport wheels.

As the name suggests, this bike has a magnetic resistance type which helps you with a smoother exercise process. It has up to 8 resistance levels, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

This bike is made of an alloy and is very durable and perfect for your regular exercises. It can handle up to 300 pounds of weight, so it’s a perfect one for an obese person.


  • The seat of the bike is fully adjustable and can fit people of various shapes and sizes.
  • The handlebars of the bike are covered with foam so that you can get a proper hold of the bike while exercising, and it won’t leave your hands callous.
  • The bike also has a digital panel tracker, showing you your speed, performance, time, and distance.

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5. Sunny Health and Fitness Underdesk Magnetic Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

Yosuda Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

We have been saving a different variant for the last. Now, this is not a typical bike that you might have been expecting. But instead, it is a bike peddler that you can adjust under your desk so that now you can exercise while working!

This bike is super affordable and super fun. This might be the one you might have been looking for all this time. It has magnetic-resistant technology and is powered via a battery. The frame of the bike is made of alloy steel, making it lighter in weight and a durable choice. It gives your lower body a great way to engage in workouts.


  • The bike is driven by a belt driving mechanism that helps you with a smooth workout experience. It also comes in with a flywheel that weighs 3.52 lbs.
  • The machinery is very easy to store, given that its dimensions are just 20.5 inches and 10.5 inches in length and height. It is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can easily place it under your work table.
  • There are a whopping eight magnetic tension levels that can help you burn more calories as you operate on higher strides.

Buying Guide

Before you buy the one that is most affordable to you, looks the coolest, or is the most technologically advanced, there are some aspects to consider. Here are some things you definitely should not miss before buying an exercise bike.

Maximum weight capacity

If you are someone who is overweight, consider the weight capacity of the exercise bike. It is always better to get a bike that has a weight capacity of 20 kgs more than your current weight.

This is because exercising and heavy movement add additional force and pressure to the equipment. If your weight is too close to the maximum weight, you might damage your equipment during high-intensity workouts and, god forbid, injure yourself.


First, figure out where you will be keeping the bike. Clear out a space for it after considering its proximity to a power source if you are opting for a bike that needs one. Again, you should keep some space free around the bike to allow for movement. If it is in a space too congested, you can easily feel breathless if there is poor air circulation. Choose a bike that fits your space.


If you are above or below the average height, it might be difficult to find an exercise bike that works for you. Try to look for one with an adjustable seat and handlebars. This way, you can continue using the bike as you lose weight, and you can also let family members use the bike. If you are buying an exercise bike for commercial purposes, this is a must-have criterion.


The seat, of course, should be adjustable in height, but it should also be comfortable enough to sit on for longer periods of time. Especially when exercising, a lot of your weight rests in your buttocks. For those of larger sizes, seats can be uncomfortable, so you should search for a bike with a wider seat that doesn’t restrict movement.

Also, consider getting one with a backrest so you can still get in the minimum required amount of exercise on days when you’re not feeling very up to it.

Resistance levels

Most bikes now come with variable resistance levels. Magnetic resistance systems are the best because they are smooth and not noisy. Most exercise bikes have eight levels of resistance, but you can also choose a bike with a knob so that you can have more control over how much effort you put in.


Use this buying guide to begin your weight-loss journey using exercise bikes. Exercise bikes have multiple benefits and are great starting points for getting your ideal summer body. We highlighted some high-end and some affordable options for you, some simple and some technologically advanced so that you can pick the experience you want. Working out can be fun, and with these exercise bikes, you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Why wait?


Are stationary bikes good for obese people?

Stationary bikes have multiple health benefits for all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to work out your legs to build muscle or do some cardio daily to sweat out the extra pounds, stationary bikes can offer high and low-intensity workouts that are highly customizable.

What are the types of exercise bikes?

There are three types of exercise bikes: upright, recumbent, and dual-action. Dual-action ones are becoming most popular these days, but each of them has its own set of unique benefits.

How long should one ride an exercise bike?

More than duration, you should be mindful of some other things that can cause injury or pain. Using proper position and form while working out, taking breaks, and staying hydrated is very important.

Knowing your capacities and adjusting resistance levels accordingly will keep you consistent. Consult a health expert or a fitness trainer to figure out the ideal workout routine for you.

Can you lose weight quickly on an exercise bike?

Your ability to lose weight also depends on genetic, hormonal, and dietary factors. Club your workouts with healthy nutrition to lose weight as quickly as possible, but keep in mind the limits of the human body and love your body irrespective of its appearance. We are all beautiful!

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