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4/11/12 - 9:04 AM
Ok here's the deal. I am afraid of certain types of heights. I'm ok with ladders and scissor lifts and those likenesses. What I mean by the heights that I'm afraid of are like being on top of a water tower or walking on high beams and other similar situations as such. So how would a fear of THESE types of height affect me in apprenticeship if chosen? Thanks in advance.
4/11/12 - 10:43 AM
Ralph Neidert
As electricians we work on lifts and ladders on a daily basis. It is much less common to have to work on structural steel or on the top of a water tank, but it is still a possibility. When working on elevated platforms or structural steel you will be tied off and required to wear fall protection. This is a decision that only you can make for yourself. This is construction, and you may be required to work on elevated areas.
4/11/12 - 10:51 AM
So what would happen if you were in the program and one of the aforementioned situations came up and you could not get up the courage to walk out on a beam even if tied off? Certainly there are some journeymen that have been through this program that are afraid of THOSE kind of heights and will not work them because they know they will freeze up. That is a natural fear for many people.
4/12/12 - 11:58 AM
But if a person is already accepted into the program and one of those "much less common" jobs comes up, what happens if you freeze up and say "no way! sorry but I can't go up there unless you wanna bring me back down."? I know alot of journeyman sparkies now that won't work above 40' in a lift. There are plenty of people that are comfortable with heights that are 60', 100' or even 1000' feet. I'm just not one of the one's that are comfortable with that height. So what would happen? Kicked out of the program?
4/12/12 - 12:36 PM
Ralph Neidert
When you applied to the program there were a few questions that required your honest response to situations like this.
1. Are you able to climb and work from ladders, scaffolds, poles and towers of various heights?
2. I believe I can meet all minimum qualifications for apprenticeship.
3. I have checked all of the above to indicate my understanding, and state that all information provided on this form is true and accurate. I hereby grant permission to all former employers and references listed to disclose any information concerning my past employment and/or qualifications, unless I have indicated otherwise. I agree that any false statements made by me on this application form shall constitute grounds for disqualification of my selection or grounds for my discharge, if false information is discovered after being selected for apprenticeship.
If you answered the questions or statements honestly and were accepted, I don't see how you could be removed from the program for refusing to work heights. If you did not answer the questions honestly it may be possible to remove you from the program based on the fact that you falsified your application.
I can't predict exactly what would happen, but what I can tell you is that electricians can and do work at heights during the course of the job. If you are that uncomfortable with working at heights you should probably reconsider.

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