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Transfer from local 666 to 26.

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3/13/11 - 1:26 PM
I enrolled in RJATC and worked for a little over a year with school until i was laid off and dropped down to CW due to financial problems. Currently have been out of work for a year and am contemplating relocating back to nova, how do i go about reapplying to local 26?
3/14/11 - 6:38 AM
Ralph Neidert
You come stop by any of our JATC offices and fill out an application for either the Residential program or the apprenticeship.
3/14/11 - 11:12 AM
Mr neidert are my grades tansferable, can I test out, what's the protocol?
3/14/11 - 11:58 AM
Ralph Neidert
Were you in the inside apprenticeship?
3/14/11 - 9:09 PM
3/15/11 - 6:46 AM
Ralph Neidert
Your grades and apprenticeship are very likely transferable. It sounds like you would be interested in transferring your apprenticeship to LU 26. Check with your home JATC to start the ball rolling.
9/26/12 - 9:40 AM
david nicholas
So I would have to go through my local (553) to transfer? I live in va close to roanoke and I am considering it seriously due to the fact that my ride time is crazy plus im in process of family situations with divorce etc.
9/26/12 - 11:20 AM
Ralph Neidert
The first step in the process is to contact your home apprenticeship program and request that they send us a copy of your records along with a letter stating that they are willing to release you to transfer here.

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