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12/1/10 - 10:35 PM
garry shaffer
is there a way to go from r school into the apprentiship after completing 1 year of r school?
12/2/10 - 6:21 AM
Ralph Neidert
You must apply for the apprenticeship and meet the minimum qualifications. Now is the time to fill out an application and start the process.
12/15/10 - 8:56 PM
garry shaffer
if accepted into the apprentiship after 1 year of r school would you have to start as a first year apprentice or 2nd year?
12/27/10 - 9:34 AM
Sean Myers
The trainee curriculum is very different from the Inside wireman apprenticeship curriculum. If accepted into the apprenticeship you would start as a first year. The curriculum is progressive and each books materials builds on the last, so starting at the begining is the way to go.

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