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Hi, I'm trying to get into the apprenticeship program to be an inside wireman A program.

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9/26/10 - 1:58 PM
I see that the Fall 2010 classes are in session. I would like to know how do you get in to be an apprentice. I've been in the Information Technology field for 14 years and with all the outsourcing and the fact employers in IT these days are not paying what they used to, it is time for a change.

What I'd like to know is how does one become an apprentice and what is required. Hard work is no barrier to me.

Any answers would be most appreciated.
9/27/10 - 6:46 AM
Ralph Neidert
The first thing you need to do is fill out an application. You can do that online, then you must come in to sign the application and show us your photo ID and SSC. You must then take an aptitude test ($20 fee) based on reading and Algebra I, and if you pass the test you will be given an interview.
9/27/10 - 1:06 PM
I checked and found that I need a passing grade in Algebra I. I never took it in high school as it was not required for graduation 11 years ago. Is there a way to fufill the requirement for Alegbra I post high school?
9/27/10 - 1:20 PM
Ralph Neidert
You can check with your local community college or board of ed. They may offer it.
9/27/10 - 2:27 PM
When is the next class opening? If it is some ways off, what would be best to prepare? I want to go in with the greatest chance of getting in to the apprenticeship as possible.
9/27/10 - 2:38 PM
Ralph Neidert
Class selection will be some time in June or July 2011. I recommend working as a residential trainee first to see if you like it. You can come in and sign up for a residential trainee job. In the mean time you can take an Algebra class through your local community college.
9/27/10 - 3:44 PM
How much does a residential trainee job pay and what benifits are available if any?
9/28/10 - 6:54 AM
Ralph Neidert
Go to the "Start Your career" tab, it gives all of that information.
11/1/10 - 4:22 PM
When do the next classes start
11/2/10 - 7:01 AM
Ralph Neidert
August 2011. The application process is going on now.

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