With Jobs Lined Up; 172 Graduate from Local Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Program

Published on June 07, 2008

GREENBELT, MD— JUNE 7, 2008—The 62nd annual graduation ceremony for electrical apprentices conducted by the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) took place on June 7, 2008 at Martins Crosswinds in Greenbelt, MD.

By combining classroom theory with on-the-job training, electrical apprentices are prepared to install and maintain the complex systems that make modern buildings comfortable and productive, with the highest quality workmanship. Having completed the rigorous five-year and three-year programs, respectively, these are some of the highest qualified craftsmen in the construction industry.

The JATC Class of 2008 included two categories of graduates, inside wiremen and telecommunications technicians. In addition, several former residential journeymen completed a three-year upgrade program which resulting in them becoming classified as inside journeymen wiremen upon graduation. There were 96 graduates in the inside category, 12 graduates in telecommunications, and 64 in the residential classification.

The JATC is sponsored by Local 26 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), managed by executive director, Andrew Porter. Oversight is by a committee of both union and contractor members led by Chairman, Local 26 Business Manager Charles E. Graham, Jr. The training is provided by director, David McCord and his team of qualified journeyman instructors. The local area campus includes new state-of-the-art training centers in Lanham, MD and Manassas, VA.

Projects recently completed by electrical contractors who employ IBEW workers include the Washington Nationals ballpark, National Harbor, AOL Dulles technology center, Ronald Reagan National Airport, JFK Center for the Performing Arts, Maryland Center for Performing Arts, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, International Monetary Fund Headquarters, and Sidwell Friends School, as well as commercial office complexes and residential projects.

At the graduation ceremony, cash awards were given to the best performing apprentices. The senior inside wireman valedictorian, Christopher L. Moorhouse, graduated with an overall 97.5% grade average. He was accompanied by residential leader, Ronald C. Garrett with 97% and telecom leader, Natenael Aleman with 94.87%. In addition, nine graduates were honored for perfect attendance throughout the five-year program.

In his speech to fellow graduates, Moorhouse remarked that he set the goal of being valedictorian at the very outset five years ago during his initial orientation with training director, David McCord, “I thought I had a solid chance at it and knew it was something I would like to earn.”

To his classmates he continued, “Today marks a major milestone in what is sure to be a rewarding career. However, don’t look at today as just the end of your apprenticeship; rather it should be viewed as the beginning of another chapter in which we strive to further ourselves and our brotherhood by being productive workers who never fail to show the pride and craftsmanship associated with being the cream of the crop— union trained journeyman electricians in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. We are proud. We are the future of the electrical trade.”