JATC Update

Published on March 26, 2020

Code Seminar

The March 28, 2020 Local 26 JATC Code Seminar has been canceled. We are in the process of refunding all registration fees associated with this event. You will receive an email confirming your refund. Refunds will be completed by April 15, 2020. If you need assistance with code seminar questions, please contact Roy Reeves at  [email protected].


Local 26 JATC graduation ceremonies scheduled for June 6, 2020 have been canceled. Graduates will be notified when they have completed enough work hours to reclass to Journeyman classification. At that time, they will be instructed to pay their reclassification fee to IBEW Local 26. Because we were unable to complete the required night class, the JATC has amended the night class hours requirement for 5th year apprentices taking night electives. To finish their training, fifth year apprentices will be enrolled in an LMS course. Details about the course and the timeline for completion of the material will come via email to the student. Completion of this course will be necessary to satisfy the instructional hours remaining for graduation.

Graduation honors and awards will be distributed to apprentices when they pick up graduation documents, at a JATC office. In June the JATC will post the names of all 2020 graduates on its website. The webpage will acknowledge those who are receiving special awards.

Night Classes

All night classes at all locations, have been canceled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Fourth quarter residential classes were only able to meet for one session before school was closed. These fourth quarter classes will resume in September of 2020. Fourth quarter classes will be assigned new September start dates. Students attending these classes will receive an email after their class has been assigned its new date. Once new dates are assigned students will be given the option to remain in the class or be transferred to a future class.

In an effort to not delay reclassification for residential trainees, the JATC will advance any residential trainee who is currently enrolled in a residential fourth quarter class. This will only be done if the class was necessary for advancement according to the residential statement of polices. If the residential student fails to satisfactorily complete the rescheduled class, then all future advancements will be held until it is completed.  

Second semester journeyman elective classes were held for nine sessions before classes were suspended on March 16, 2020. These classes will not be rescheduled. Class participants will have the option to receive class certificates indicating the hours they completed or they will have the option to enroll, free of charge, when the class is offered again during the 2020-2021 school year.

Students should contact [email protected] with questions concerning night classes.

Day School Apprentices

Day school apprentices should continue to monitor their email for messages sent through the TradeSchool system. Apprentices will receive instructions on upcoming assignments and should continue to work job hours if provided by the contractor, according to the statement of policies. Contact the JATC if you have medical issues which do not allow you to continue working. Students should contact [email protected] with questions about day school assignments and [email protected] with questions about work related issues.