Course details

Class : Masters Code(14WK)(Lanham)(Tuesday) Starts Jan. 2nd
Days Offered: Tuesday
Registration Cutoff: 11/12/16
Description: This 14 week class prepares journeyman electricians to apply and take local jurisdictional Master Electricians examinations. Each student will receive a copy of the 2014 Stallcups Master Electrician Study Guide. The 2011 NEC is covered in a very comprehensive manner. The course covers all of the following topics: Services, Switchboards, and Panelboards, Grounding and Bonding, Feeder and Branch Circuits, Generators and Transformers, Residential and Commercial Code Calculations. 2011 NEC books will be available for purchase for $75.00 (Money Order ONLY)

Registration for this class is currently closed. Please call our office at (301) 429-2565 to be notified when this class is being held again.