Course details

Class : BICSI ITS Technician (Monday and Wednesday) Starting July 18th
Days Offered: Monday and Wednesday
Registration Cutoff: 07/12/18
Description: This class meets twice a week on Monday and Wednesday nights. The class will start at 4:00pm and end at 8:00pm. It will only be offered at the Lanham Training Facility. Candidates are tested on their ability to understand and apply a comprehensive collection of installation-specific information. Individual preparing to sit for the ITS Technician exam must possess at least three years of current and verifiable ITS industry installation experience. Participants for the exam must be able to distinguish between different colors and possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor tasks.

Registration for this class is currently closed. Please call our office at (301) 429-2565 to be notified when this class is being held again.