Course details

Class : 1st Year Residential (Manassas)
Days Offered: Tuesdays or Wednesdays
Registration Cutoff: 08/26/16
Description: NEW FORMAT! The First Year Residential School will now consist of four (4) modules, consisting of 7 night classes held once a week. Students cannot miss more than 1 class in a 7 night module. All modules must be completed to receive credit for the 1st year. The courses are as follows: Module #1 - Technical Math and Electrical Industry Bootcamp Module #2 – Conduit Hand Bending Module #3 – Basic Circuitry Module #4 - First Aid/ CPR All of the First year curriculum will be offered in English and Spanish* Spanish classes will be held at our Lanham and Manassas training facilities.

Registration for this class is currently closed. Please call our office at (301) 429-2565 to be notified when this class is being held again.