JATC Night Classes

New Classes Posted on TradeSchool for the Fall Semester of 2020-2021

The JATC will offer limited classes beginning 8/31/2020. Residential classes are open for enrollment using your TradeSchool account. Students who were enrolled in residential fourth quarter classes last March, have been rescheduled for first semester classes. All students should check their TradeSchool accounts to view their current enrollments. Look for your classes under the Apprentice Tab. Click the Class button, then the View button to see when your class will be meeting. Don't sign up for additional classes if they conflict with current classes you are already enrolled in. Pay close attention to when your class will be meeting.

Some classes will be conducted by Zoom Meeting. A Zoom link is provided with your class. Log into your TradeSchool account. Click the Apprentice Tab, then Classes and View. This will show you the details of your class. The Zoom meeting link can be found in the class description.

In-person classes will only be conducted at the Lanham and Manassas training facilities. Class sizes are limited to 10 students per classroom. This will allow us to maintain social distancing recommendations. Students will not be granted access to facilities until they undergo a screening process which includes a temperature check and screening questions. Students who are waiting for COVID test results will not be admitted into the building. You must be wearing a mask and keep it on at all times when you are in the building. As suggested by the CDC, vending machines and drinking fountains will not be available for use. You are allowed to bring water into the building in sealable containers. Students must be on time for classes and will not be admitted into the building after the screening process is complete.

Important: If you are scheduled for night classes, view this LETTER to students about COVD-19 procedures.

Individual Class Information

First Aid and CPR classes will have a Zoom meeting on the first night of class. All students will attend this first virtual class. If you fail to attend the first class, you will not be scheduled for a second night. On the second night of class students will attend in-person to demonstrate their skills and take a written exam. Your instructor will schedule your second night of class when you have your first Zoom meeting.

Students enrolled in Residential Basic Math will be given course work to complete using the NJATC Blended Learning System. Students will also have access to an instructor via Zoom meeting sessions scheduled on their class day. Satisfactory completion of the bended learning math course will replace the test given at the end of the class.

We are in the process of requesting permission to conduct OSHA classes online. 

First and Second Year R to A Upgrade Classes will be conducted online via Zoom meetings. Students attending these classes should look for an email with information about how the classes will be conducted.

Third Year R to A Upgrade will be enrolled in self-taught courses provided by the Electrical Training Alliance as part of the Blended Learning Online Course System. We hope to be able to offer you in-person electives for the second semester.

Inside Apprentices in their fifth year of school, will be assigned additional courses in the Blended Learning System due for completion in the first semester of night school. The courses will be self-taught. We hope to bring you back for in-person classes for the second semester.

Journeyman Elective classes will not be in-person the first semester. Several self-taught courses will be posted for enrollment using TradeSchool. These courses are provided by the Electrical Training Alliance as part of the Blended Learning Online Course System. These courses are for self-improvement and are not issued certificates by the JATC.

Students should contact [email protected] with questions concerning night classes.


Important: Night Class Instructions for All Students

(understand this information before you enroll in a class)

Classes are open to Local 26 members and those affiliated with Local 26 upon special request. Choose your class carefully; you cannot delete enrollment once payment has been made.

Classes meet on different days of the week. A class meets once a week on the day assigned to the class. Classes run from 5 pm to 8pm. Before submitting your registration, confirm the class fits into your schedule and that it fulfills your training requirements. For example, if you are a Residential Trainee, you need to take only residential classes to satisfy your program requirements. Courses have similar names; verify you are selecting the correct class. Be familiar with the Statement of Policies for your program before you enroll in classes.

Classes require a small non-refundable fee to register. Apprentices and Step Up Students do not pay to take classes.

A completion certificate will be made available, for Journeyman level courses, to those who miss no more than one night of a 14 week course. A residential trainee must attend 6 of the 7 class nights to receive credit for the class. When it applies, refer to the statement of polices for your individual program for attendance and completion requirements.


Continuing education credits will be given for all code related classes which satisfy renewal requirements for jurisdictional licenses.

R-A Upgrade

First and second year upgrade students pay $120 for a year of instruction. Both first year and second year students attend two classes per week. Your class fee will be due through TradeSchool enrollment. Courses will be selected by the JATC. You will receive your class assignments by email.

Third year R-A upgrade students select their electives from the general list of classes. You must enroll in one 14 week course per semester. You may only attend one class at a time.

Residential Trainee and Step Up (Step Up only takes First Year Residential Classes)

Residential Trainees and Step Up must complete the TradeSchool registration process to be enrolled in classes. Successful completion of all four first year R school modules; Basic Construction Math ($30), Basic Circuitry ($30), Basic Conduit Bending ($30), OSHA 10 ($15), FA ($15) and Basic Life Support (CPR) ($15) is required for advancement from R2 to R3. Successful completion of all second year R school modules; DC Theory ($30), Applications ($30), NEC ($30), Blue Prints ($30) is required for advancement from R6 to R7. These are marked as Residential classes. (Step Up students do not pay for classes)

As stated above, a student must attend 6 of the 7 class nights and pass a test to receive class completion credit. Class absences are not excused and a student missing 2 or more of the 7 class nights must repeat the class to receive credit. Most residential classes are offered every quarter.

OSHA First Aid Standard 29 CFR 1910.151 requires First Aid trained workers on the job site. Although CPR is not expressly mentioned in the standard, it is recommended by OSHA that First Aid contain a CPR requirement. An interpretation of 1910.151 requires First Aid and CPR training to have a hands on component. It cannot be based solely on online training. The JATC will accept First Aid and CPR training from other organizations as long as they are reputable and provide hands on training. The JATC will accept American Red Cross, American Heart Association and National Safety Council training cards. If you are aware of other training options which meet the requirements above, please contact [email protected] for approval.

Apprentice Wireman

Apprentice Wireman, register using TradeSchool for your mandatory night elective classes. Attend one 14 week class per semester. We recommend you enroll in NEC Code 2, to prepare for a licensing test; and Electrical Project Supervision. You may only attend one class at a time. It is your responsibility to register for classes. Apprentices do not pay for classes.


How to start using TradeSchool

You can login to TradeSchool by using this link: https://secure.tradeschoolinc.com/v5/jatc26-org/login/index.php

  1. If you have received an email with the TradeSchool heading you have an active account in TradeSchool and will be able to use the link above to reset your password. Your user account is linked to the email address you used for night classes.
  2. If you are new to night classes and TradeSchool, click on the link above and then click "Create Account". Complete the email and password fields.

-If your email is not recognized by the system you will receive an email from TradeSchool Web Services prompting you to create a new account. Complete the account information fields and submit that information for approval. Approval may take several days. Upon approval you will receive an email that your request has been validated. Click on the link in the approval email to be taken to the TradeSchool login page. Login to TradeSchool with your user name and password.

-If your email is recognized by TradeSchool you will be prompted to reset your password. An email will be sent to your address in TradeSchool and you will be able to create a new password. Then login to TradeSchool with your email and new password.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]

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