Training Assignment Listings

Residential on-the-job training assigments will begin at 8:00am each business day, at any of the four Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee offices. (Parliament Place, Lanham Maryland; Manassas, Virginia; Roanoke, Virginia) The doors open at 7:30 am.

March 19, 2019

  Residential Trainee Job Calls  
R8: 2 R7: 2 R6: 2
R5: 2 R4: 2 R3:
R2: R1: RTP:
  Inside Apprentice Job Calls  
AA6: AA5: AA4:
AA3: AP2: AP1:
  Telecom Job Calls  
TA6: TA5: TA4:
TA3: TA2: TA1: